Aishwarya Rai In The Media.

There is a news going around the global news media about an advertisement that was appeared in a newspaper last week. was dropped by the popular indian Jewellers which show cast the 41-year-old actress Aishwarya Rai who is a former Miss World in a backround image.

Twitter, Facebook and other social media websites were flooded with news of this advertisement due to criticism that advertisement which was condemned as "racist" and promoted child slavery.

"In the advertisement you appear to be representing aristocracy from a bygone era - bejewelled, poised and relaxing while an obviously underage slave-child, very dark and emaciated, struggles to hold an oversize umbrella over your head.

"The extremely fair colour of your skin (as projected in the advertisement) contrasted with the black skin of the slave-boy is obviously a deliberate 'creative' juxtaposition by the advertising agency, and insidiously racist."

One group of activists published an open letter to Aishwarya Rai calling the image as an extremely objectionable one.

But according to Aishwarya Rai's office the actress had been photographed without the backround scene. And the actress didn't involved in the final advertisement product as it was entirely the prerogative of the creative team by the advertisers.

After facing lot of criticism, the jewellery company issued an apology through its Facebook page. They said that the advertisement was intended to portray "royalty, timeless beauty and elegance" .They expressed deep regret for any inadvertent hurt caused and the company said it had begun withdrawing the ad from its campaign.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in Jewellery Advertisement