Abhishek Bachchan

Abhishek Bachchan, there is no need to write about him. Because everybody know about him from the day that he was born to the famous actor and famous Actress. And now, he is a popular Hindi Actor too. Well, His father, is a Well known actor as Mr "B" In the indian Movies, is Mr Amitabh Bachchan.

Mother Mrs.Jaya Bhaduri, she too a renownend Actress in Hindi Cinema, Also she is a MP in her Political career. To these well known couple, Abhishek Bachchan was born on the 5 th of February, in 1976, in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. He is 6' 2" Tall. He was educated in Bombay, New Delhi, Switzerland and USA.

His first movie was "Refugee" in the year 2000 with co staring Kareena Kapoor. He have a list of 35 movies released up to january 2007 including "Guru". At a private Function on January 14, 2007 he and Aishwarya Rai engaged in a Private Function, in the presence of their parents and relatives.

There is a fan Site for him http://www.abhishekbachchan.org/.