Aiswarya Rai Still Queen.

Actress and former beauty queen Aishwarya Rai even at the age of 40 with ababy girl of her own still dominates the news, images and video clips.Wherever she goes people gather to look her and wonder how she is keeping onwith her stunning beauty. She used to mingle with King's and Queens and topperformers as organizations and executives are inviting her for the importantevents from all over the world.

Even in India corporate business people used to invite her and her husband toattend opening ceremonies and for the new product releasing ceremonies. She isstill maintain her image as product Ambassador to many world renowned productsand used to promote their products at the specially held events.

She is more and more becoming as a role model for the rising young Indianfemales not only living in India but who are living all over the world. Afterher success as beauty queen at the International level, hundreds of thousandsIndian young girls are following her steps in succeeding at the internationalbeauty shows. Some of these beautiful girls had succeeded in it while many hadturned in to popular models and cinema artists.

Images of Aishwarya Rai here.