Beauty Care

Beauty care takes the important part of life for the film actresses in the cinema field. Most importantly Indian actress who is working under the burning sun light does have to protect their skin from the UV rays that can change their color complexion from white skin to dark skin. Changing of color to dark skin will make their popularity to fail with the Indian fans.

Thus their market value will drop along with their earnings.

Aishwarya Rai, the green eyed former miss world, is the much adored Indian actress with God's gift of beauty; never miss her routine beauty care for her hair, skin and body.

She was born in South India's Mangalore city on 1st, November 1973. She is a well educated and widely respected person in the Indian society. She was accepted to study Architecture in a popular college in Mumbai when she wanted to continue her higher studies.

But she became popular in India, when she did Part time modeling for fun. Later years Aishwarya entered in to the Indian organized Beauty contests for young women. In 1994 with her charm, beauty and elegant look, she passed all the tougher tests of the miss world contest and with joy, and she got the Miss world Crown.

All the Indians were proud of her and appreciated her achievement in the International level.

After this mile stone, Aishwarya Rai got many offers for acting roles in the Hindi movies. She didn't jump for them, but waited for a good opening from a good director with good story and she landed in a good movie named "Iruvar" from non other than Indian top movie director Mani Ratnam, who later made the Movie "Guru".

The acting career took her to much fame not only in India, but all over the world where Indians are living. She got many awards for her acting talent in many movies. Later she became as the highest paid actress in India for a single movie.

Time magazine honored her by publishing her image on it's cover. Many TV Shows honored her, by calling to their shows. In 2003 at Cannes International Film Festival, she became as a jury to select the talented artists. Now she is moving forward with her movie success.

To add her achievements, "Guru" whish Aishwarya Rai performed is the first Indian movie that was premiered outside India (in North America). The Co-Actor was Abhishek Bachan, who was in love with her, there after the Premiere, he popped the question "will you marry me" and he got the Big "Yes" from this green eyed Beauty Queen, now they are married, with the blessing of their parents and relatives.

Now her fans are looking for her baby's arrival date.

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